CA Principles

*NOTE: All final exams / certificate tests (not practice exams) must be dated at least 18 days apart from each other to be accepted by the state of California when applying for the CA license. The fist exam in the sequence of testing must be taken after at least 18 days have passed from the enrollment date. This is not applicable for states other than California.

Online Resources and directions –

Students should use the physical course textbook to understand the curriculum content in preparation for the course final exam.

Additional practice questions and answers associated with this course curriculum can be accessed within the practice test portal. In order to access the portal you must log in as a general student using the following credential:

*NOTE: Select the log out option in the upper right of the browser at to toggle between the certificate testing ID and the Practice Testing ID associated with your file.

ID                    cprinciples student

Password         xkjn8bpv

Students who are prepared to take the final exam should use the testing tab at the top of the student dashboard to test out of the course and print the course certificate accordingly.

Use the following link to test out of the course once the curriculum has been reviewed:


Though not required, Key Realty School strongly recommends the CA test prep program for all CA licensing exams (Broker and Salesperson) –

Forms associated with CA application can be found through the following links:

General forms page:

Direct link to CA Salesperson application:

Direct link to CA Broker application: