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Time Management: The Road to Success in Real Estate

Time management can be a challenge for any professional that does not have a dictated schedule of time allotted for particular tasks. Real estate is a great profession that requires the dedication of the agent to the needs of the market as well as their clients. It can be a stressful but rewarding venture. Here […]

Real Estate: For a Brighter Tomorrow

When pursuing a career in the real estate, it can be difficult initially. However, there are a few steps that can help you get on the right track after you have accomplished the Nevada real estate requirements to pass your testing and receive your license. Here are a few of the basics to setting yourself […]

Real Estate: For a Brighter Tomorrow: Part II

At the beginning of your real estate career it is important to understand your role as a commission-based, self-employed manager of your own time. This includes a lot of self-discipline to accomplish in the creation of your personal brand. Continue to find out how Nevada real estate school can help you be ready to graduate […]

What are the Requirements for a Property Management Permit in Nevada?

Have you been considering taking that next step in your real estate career and getting your property manager permit? Learning the requirements for property management licensing in Nevada can help you decide if this should be your next career move. Prior to applying for a property management permit, you will need to obtain a Nevada […]

Inspection Test Prep

The exam administered by the Pearson testing center is currently the exam authorized to comply with the licensing requirements within NRS/NAC645D. This exam is not state specific wherein many questions are asked that are of national context. The following software is not required but is recommended to better prepare for the Nevada Inspector of Structures […]

What is an NMLS -approved Mortgage School?

As you evaluate your options for mortgage lending courses in Nevada, you may notice that certain schools are listed as “an NMLS Approved Course Provider.” Understanding the significance of this designation can help you evaluate if Key Realty School is the right place for you. The NMLS, or Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System, is an organization […]

Balancing Broker Licensing Courses and Work

For some of us, life is a balancing act of working full-time and taking courses in the evenings and on the weekend. Not everyone has the luxury of dedicating their time completely to school. Fortunately, the courses for broker licensing in Nevada can be taken slowly. This allows you to chip away towards your goal […]

3 Simple Tips for Showing Your First Home

Jumping into your first house showing is a thrilling and stressful time for a new real estate agent. All your studying is starting to pay off. You have done everything to prepare. You completed your real estate licensing in Nevada. You did your research, gathering information on the potential buyers and homes for viewing. You […]

Real Estate: An Ideal Career for a Parent

Childcare expenses for a full work day five days a week are pricey enough to make you wonder why you bother to go to work if you’re losing such a large portion of your daily income because you’re not home to watch the kids. However, there are still bills that need to be paid and […]

Nevada Real Estate Licensing Hours Categories

Whether you’ve always dreamed of being in real estate or are just choosing to make a career change, residents of the state of Nevada who are interested in this career path can expect a career that allows you to choose and shape the success that you have. Essentially, discipline and motivation are two factors that […]