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Study Tips for Real Estate PSI Testing

Studying for your Nevada real estate license exam can be intimidating, but the first step in any successful agent’s career path begins with passing a PSI exam. PSI is a program used by hundreds of state governmental agencies and professional associations to license and certify professionals in a variety of fields. The testing they prepare […]

3 Ways to Generate More Real Estate Leads

When pursuing your Nevada real estate license, you might be thinking about your career path after you’ve received your credentials. You might ask yourself, “How can I build a successful income”, “Where will I get leads from?”, or “How can I sustain my business for the long-term?”. Lead generation is a key part of a […]

Perks of Joining a Home Inspector Association

Once you’ve finally gotten your home inspection license, it’s time to get busy. Some home inspectors are able to gain momentum in their career by joining a home inspector association. While being a part of one of these established groups cuts back on how much you will earn from each inspection, it does give you […]

Expanding Your Reach as a Real Estate Agent

Completing your education and taking tests is a major milestone on your journey to becoming a real estate agent. You figured out how to get a real estate license, but now it’s time to start putting your education to work. One of your earliest tasks in this process will be finding clients and establishing your […]

How do Real Estate Agents Get Paid?

Have you been looking at real estate schools and considering taking steps toward getting your license? As you learn more about the online and in-class curriculums offered by Key Realty in Las Vegas, take a moment to prepare for your future as an agent. Understanding how you will be paid once you finish school and […]

Selling Strategies: Starting Off with Rentals

Buying a house is an enormous investment for your clients. Because they are taking years of income to put towards this purchase, making the commitment to buy can be tough. Once they’ve decided to make the purchase, inspections have to be passed, mortgages approved and paperwork processed. You may not receive your first commission until […]

Why Some Agents Begin Selling Real Estate Part-Time

Transitioning to a full-time real estate career can be quite a challenge. Because the change into a new career can be difficult to do all at once, some agents choose to continue working part-time. Fortunately, many real estate schools offer flexibles options for education, allowing you to work part-time while you complete your real estate […]

Insider Tips for Property Managers

Are you stepping away from facilitating home buying and selling to managing properties? Pivoting into this new role can be challenging at first. You’ve finished real estate school, you spent time getting experience as a real estate agent, and you have real-world experience to assist you. As you take your set of responsibilities to the […]

Can I Work While I Am Studying for My Real Estate License?

Whether you’re searching for a new side hustle or thinking about a complete career shift, life can be overwhelming. You might be juggling a full-time job while working toward attaining your real estate license. While it’s possible to simultaneously work and study for your real estate license exam, it’s important to know your pre-licensing options. […]

What Topics are Covered in Pre-Licensing School?

As you research how to get a real estate license in Nevada, you may be wondering what topics are covered in the required education classes. Nevada requires a total of 90 education hours. So what should you expect to cover in your real estate courses? The four topics covered in a pre-licensing school are based […]