Mortgage Lending Pre Licensing

Key Realty School is an NMLS Approved Course Provider / Provider #1400382 / Course #1601

Licensing requirements now require all states to comply with a minimum educational and testing standard. The state of Nevada requires 30 hours of pre licensing education to meet all state and
national licensing requirements. The 30 hour requirement is broken into two sections. The 20 Hour SAFE Act course is designed to meet and satisfy the national side of the pre licensing education. The 10 Hour State specific section is designed to satisfy the state side of the state specific side of the pre licensing requirement for Nevada. It is recommended that students complete the 20 hour National portion of the requirement first at which point the student will further understand the basis of mortgage lending academics. Said understanding, will allow the student to more easily comprehend the state specific portion of the requirement.

The 20 hour National Mortgage Licensing course – (The National and Practical Side)

Key Realty School offers a 20 hour course designed to meet the SAFE Act standards and prepare a student for the federal portion of the National Mortgage Licensing Exam in the process. Due to the practical nature of the course, Key Realty School recommends all education designed to meet the requirement be taken in class and any additional state specific requirement be completed online.

The 20 hour course is classroom only. It is designed to provide the most practical information possible. Students completing the course will satisfy all requirements and be prepared for the Federal portion of the licensing exam. Students completing this course will obtain practical mortgage education through LIVE classroom instruction and will obtain the fundamental skills to successfully practice mortgage lending.



20 Hour National Mortgage Licensing approved course tuition: $299 Course tuition includes required course textbooks. Use the link below to enroll in the 20 hour SAFE NMLS approved course.

Click here to enroll in the 20 Hr National NMLS Course

The 20 Hour National Mortgage Licensing approved course will meet all of the SAFE Act curriculum requirements and provide a practical training setting which will provide the student with a base for their future practice. The course curriculum will include:

  • Disclosure provisions of federal laws related to mortgage lending.
  • Procedures to protect the privacy of consumers as required by federal law.
  • Ethics and discuss the purpose of codes of ethics.
  • Anti-discrimination Laws.
  • Mortgage fraud.
  • Conventional loans.
  • Conforming and nonconforming loans.
  • Qualifying standards for FHA-insured loans.
  • Qualifying standards for VA-guaranteed loans.
  • Adjustable rate mortgage.
  • Agency guidelines on lending and subprime loans.
  • Primary mortgage market and secondary mortgage market.
  • Loan processing.
  • Standard loan applications.
  • Evaluating borrowers.
  • Calculate income and total debt ratios.
  • Private mortgage insurance.
  • Appraisal approaches used to arrive at an opinion of value.
  • Click here to obtain a copy of the course syllabus


The following is a list of dates for the calendar year.

All classes held at the Flamingo location – (3650 East Flamingo LV NV 89121) / Click here to be taken to the California course page

Morning tracks are 8AM to 1PM

Night tracks are 5PM to 10PM

2018 Dates:

  • January 15 through January 18, 2018 – Mornings
  • February 19 through February 22, 2018 – Nights
  • March 19 through March 22, 2018 – Mornings
  • April 16 through April 19, 2018 – Nights
  • May 21 through May 24, 2018 – Mornings
  • June 18 through June 21, 2018 – Nights
  • July 16 through July 19, 2018 – Mornings
  • August 20 through August 23, 2018 – Nights
  • September 17 through September 20, 2018 – Mornings
  • October 15 through October 18, 2018 – Nights
  • November 12 through November 15, 2018 – Mornings
  • December 17 through December 20, 2018 – Nights

The 10 hour Nevada specific side of the Nevada licensing requirement – (The State and Nevada Side)

Key Realty School currently works with online course systems to supply the 10 hour state specific side of the Nevada SAFE Act requirement. The tuition for this program is $110. NOTE: ONLY Students who are enrolled in or who have completed the Key 20 Hour SAFE course are eligible to take the 10 hour state specific course online at the discounted tuition of $110. Students who are not enrolled in or have not taken the 20 Hour SAFE course through Key are required to pay $150 in tuition. Students are supplied with the online course registration for the 10 hour state specific online module during the national component of the curriculum.

Additional 10 hour State Specific Course information: This course is designed to supply the student with the 10 Hour NV SAFE specific curriculum designed to complement the 20 Hour National SAFE course curriculum and therefore supply the student with the completion educational profile to apply for the testing / licensing requirements deemed necessary by the licensing requirement. Click here to explore the state specific course in detail and the enrollment process


Misc. Information

NMLS Resource Center and Information

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

NMLS Testing – Students are required to complete the National Test with Uniform State content. The exam consists of 115 graded multiple choice questions. The test must be completed within 190 minutes and the student must pass the exam with a 75% or greater score. Click here to review the exam content


Las Vegas

Prometric Testing Center
6625 S. Valley View Boulevard Suite 414
Las Vegas, NV 89118


Prometric Testing Center
2295 S. Virginia Street Suite 16
Reno, NV 89502


Testing and NMLS Background Check Fees:

Licensing Application Fee: $240.00
Fingerprint & Background check $36.25
Credit Report $15.00
NMLS National Test with Uniform State Content $110.00
*Aforementioned fees are subject to change. Applicants are encouraged to visit the NMLS website for up to date fees.


Please visit the National Mortgage Licensing System website for additional details and up to date information: