Post Licensing

Key Realty School offers 30 hour in class courses for real estate Post Licensing education. The Post Licensing course is designed for students completing their first year education requirements only. Students completing renewal requirements after the first 12 month term are encouraged to view the real estate continuing education programs available. (This includes the 12 hours of continuing education required prior to the end of the first 2 year licensing term)

Post Licensing MUST be done in class (unless a post exemption is met) and is offered in Las Vegas or via live streaming video for those who qualify (streaming video qualifications). The post licensing course is a practical training program designed to provide attending students with information directly relative to the field and practice of real estate in Nevada. The course is broken into 15 major topics:

  1. Contracts
  2. Listings
  3. Buyer Representation
  4. Technology
  5. Ethics
  6. Advertising
  7. Equity and Cost Sheets
  8. Agency Relationships
  9. Land
  10. Disclosures
  11. Property Management
  12. Escrow
  13. Financing
  14. Negotiation
  15. Taxes

This course is specifically designed to maintain a student’s understanding of the real estate field and sales process as they progress through their first year of licensure. The course will provide practical insight into specific situations and how to better serve their clients throughout both the listing and sales process.  Nevada requires the student to sign in and out a total of 30 hours to receive the certificate for the post licensing education. Therefore, this course is an attendance required clock hour course. Students may complete the 30 hour course in one session or in multiple sessions. Students taking the course in multiple sessions / months should maintain a personal record of course dates attended.

Course Instructors:

Ted Federwitz – As a broker for over 700 million dollars in sales over the last two decades Ted brings experience and time tested results to this educational process.

Other Course Instructors Include: John Benedict (Nevada Attorney Specializing in Real Estate Law), Scott Sauer (Nevada Inspector Specializing in Nevada Real Property Condition Reports), Mike Dean (Specializing in Mortgage Lending and Real Estate Finance), Janice Colaluca (Specializing in Nevada Escrow Processing)

The tuition of the Las Vegas Post Licensing course is: $195

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Includes all modules including: Property Management & Business   Sales


*Membership   course which allows students to attend as their schedule permits



Independent course taught by a multitude of specialized instructors


NOT   a “Work for our brokerage sales pitch”

*Organized and time tested   program attended by over 1500 students    
*Broadcast via live streaming   video    
*Can be taken with the required   12 hour first term renewal CE requirement  




Post Licensing MUST be done in class (unless a post exemption is met) and is offered in Las Vegas or via live streaming video for those who qualify (streaming video qualifications). Key Realty School broadcasts the Nevada Post Licensing course via Live Streaming Video. Licensees who report permanent residency outside of Las Vegas and Reno metro areas may opt to take the Post Licensing course through live streaming video. (Students residing in the following cities may not take this option for credit: Las Vegas,  Henderson,  North Las Vegas,  Boulder City,  Reno,  Carson City, Sparks)

Students who qualify for this method of instruction must select a start date from the in class calendar noted as the student will be participating in the specific dates of instruction through live streaming video. Students enrolling in this option will be provided with the online access link and attendance will be recorded as the video is watched by the student. The post licensing via streaming video is a live broadcast of the post licensing offered in person at Key Realty School.

The fee for Post Licensing education through live and streaming video is $375. (This fee is more than live classroom instruction due to extra monitoring and services that are provided to online attendees)

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