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Reasons Why a Career in Real Estate May be Right for You, Part II

In part I of this blog we talked about how being your own boss, making a great income, and having a flexible schedule are a few things that might make a career in real estate right for you. Here are a few more to consider before you begin the process of learning how to become […]

Reasons Why a Career in Real Estate May be Right for You, Part I

Real estate is a constantly growing field that offers many different career opportunities. Are you wondering if a career in real estate is right for you? Read on to learn more before you begin your research on how to get a real estate license! You can be your own boss: As a real estate agent […]

Tips for Showing Properties While Social Distancing, Part II

In part one of this blog we talked about ways to virtually show a home in order to maintain social distancing, strategies that can be useful even when we’re not minimizing contact due to a pandemic. There will be times that potential buyers need to see a property in person, however, so here are some […]

Tips for Showing Properties While Social Distancing, Part I

Social distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19 can pose some challenges when trying to show real estate. Even during a pandemic, people are still buying and selling homes, and there are even other scenarios that may call for the need to show a home to a potential buyer who can’t be physically present. Here […]

Mortgage Lending 8 hour SAFE Act NMLS CE – Home Bridge Discounted Enrollment

Mortgage Lending 8 hour SAFE Act NMLS CE – Additional information about the course and p0licies thereof can be found on the course page. Once the tuition is paid, an email will be sent to the student titled Certification Account. The online access information will allow the student to select the seminar dates, times and […]

KW Southwest – Post Licensing

This page is designed for and to be used by KW Southwest  Licensees ONLY – KW Southwest pre pays for all of their licensees to attend and complete all required post licensing education. There will be several prompts with this page and the registration process wherein the student will confirm that they are in deed […]

Types of Appraisal Licenses in Nevada

A career in home appraisals is as fulfilling as it is complex. Federal law requires that property appraisals be completed by a licensed or certified appraiser. Additionally, there are some restrictions or minimum requirements for inspecting specific types of property. Learn about the different types of appraisal licenses and the scope of work available for each […]

What to Expect From Nevada Broker Pre-Licensing Courses

Have you attained your real estate license and are now thinking of becoming a broker? Before taking your first steps to advance your career, make sure you have a basic understanding of what to expect from the required courses to become a broker: Broker Management This course is designed to teach prospective real estate brokers […]

What All Successful Real Estate Brokers Do

The real estate market is filled with ups and downs. When starting out as a new real estate broker, it can be overwhelming to handle all of the new responsibilities of managing your own team of agents while growing your business. So why not follow the rules used by all successful real estate brokers? Expand […]

3 Steps to Attaining Your Home Inspection License in Nevada

Are you interested in becoming a home or property inspector in Nevada? Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as just knowing about houses. Before you start planning your home inspection career, make sure to review these 3 steps to meet the Nevada requirements for attaining your license: Step 1: Complete educational requirements You must complete 40 […]