Real Estate Continuing Education

Continuing Education requirements increase October of 2021. Click Here to review common questions and answers about the increase of hours.

LIVE STREAM Available during the pandemic. Students are advised that specific LIVE STREAM seminars will be accepted as classroom course work during the pandemic. See the calendar for specific live stream offerings.

Key Realty School offers a wide variety of Nevada Real Estate continuing education options designed to renew any license or bring a license back to an active status. Select one of the following options to explore your current license requirements and education options:

1. License Renewals (Standard Renewal packages for licensees expiring prior to October 1 2021)

1A. License Renewals (Standard Renewal packages for licensees expiring after October 1 2021)

2. Education for first term (Education required in the first year of license issuance – POST Licensing)

3. Reinstating an inactive NV License

4. Enrollment in individual Classroom Continuing Education Hours

5. Specialty Commercial Real Estate Continuing Education

6. Course packages for rural Nevada Real Estate Licensees who meet the classroom exemption

7. Courses for experienced licensees who have been licensed over 30 years

Key Realty School counselors are always ready to assist you with your education and renewal questions: 800 472 3893