External Broker Qualifying

After the evaluation of experience and college education, some Nevada broker or broker sales applicants are required to take additional college credits to meet the Nevada Broker or Broker Salesperson application threshold. This page is designed to supply the student with contact information for a college that has been used by students previously to complete the balance of college education.

Please note that though previous students have used entities listed on this webpage previously, each entity should be reviewed independently wherein no endorsement of Key Realty School has been made for any specific external organization.

Once the student has worked with a Key Realty School counselor to determine the credits that remain to be completed outside of the broker upgrade programs available through licensing courses, the student should contact a college to take and complete the balance of college credits.

*It is recommended that the student take courses for which no pre requisites are required. In most situations, the student has been informed that a specific number of college units are required, not a degree program.

Online Colleges –

Hondros College of Business 





Purdue Global College