NVRECE 2020-2021

As of January 1 2021 Nevada Classroom Course Material and handouts

Link to December 2020 informational video about SB230 and Regulation 60

Physical Course Materials –

Similar to the previous session, course materials will not be printed by Key Realty School and provided to the student in physical form.

All course materials will be available via PDF within the student dashboard. (The same place the student reserves their course sessions) Student will be provided with directions that indicate that no physical materials will be supplied by the instructor.

  • The student can print the packets and bring the packets with them to the class
  • The student can access the packets from a smart device during the class
  • The student can simply attend the class and take notes accordingly
    • Printing the material is not required

Sign in sheets, evaluation and course directions

If the course is broadcast via live stream, the system is set up to automate the sign in, sign out and evaluation.

If the seminar is offered in person, an instructor box will be sent to the location. The instructor box sent to the location will include:

  1. Sign in / Sign out sheets and evaluations

2020 – 2021 Courses – NEW courses will start January 1 2021 and continue until otherwise noted

This years course curriculum has been revised and reproduced much of our previous course curriculum. You will see that Key Realty School has added many case studies to the last section of the handout to also be used as discussion tools within the class.

You are welcome to use the PDF itself as a power point during classroom instruction, make your own power point by extracting certain pages OR simply lecture on the topic and use your notes / this handout as your reference point.

Key Realty School has provided the suggested timed outlines below as well as links to all course handouts.

Timing outlines

Ethics – Timed outline

Contracts – Timed outline

Agency – Timed outline

Law 2020 – Timed outline*NOTE that the law course content and timeline remains the same as the 2019-2020 session wherein this course will not change again until August of 2021 (After the next legislative session)

Course Handouts

Ethics – Link to ethics course handout

Contracts – Link to contracts course handout

Agency – Link to agency course handout

Law 2020 – Link to law course handout*NOTE that the law course content and timeline remains the same as the 2019-2020 session wherein this course will not change again until Spring or Summer of 2021 (next legislative session)

*I am confident that instructors can convey the curriculum but you are welcome to contact Michael Federwitz 702 313 7000 to discuss the curriculum and the suggested methods of delivery of content.